I help with traffic and conversions

Struggling to get people to visit your website? Are you frustrated that your website visitors are not converting enough or taking any action. It's probably a traffic, conversion issue, or a combination of the two. I can help with both.

Traffic Generation

Is a word used to describe how to get people to visit your website or online properties. It can be via SEO, Facebook Ads, or any advertising method

Conversion Rate Optimization

Is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take your desired action (becoming a lead, buying your products, etc)

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I've created a group of passionate Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators who wants to learn more about traffic generation and conversion rate optimization.


  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Coding
  • Implementation

Websites and Sales Funnels

Your website is not an online brochure. It has to be built in a way that attracts "targeted people", converts those website visitors into leads, then move people into your sales funnel.

Copywriting and Marketing Automation

The words that you use on your website and sales funnels have a direct impact on your results. While Marketing Automation personalizes that experience based on where your customers are right now in the buying cycle

Traffic Generation and C.R.O.

Once you've created the foundation (your website and sales funnels), added the systems (copywriting and marketing automation), it's now time to start generating traffic and optimizing that traffic for more conversions (Conversion Rate Optimization).

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What I'm Currently Working On

6 Figures Course Launch

I'm currently working on some courses being launched in the next few weeks. One of the courses and programs I've helped launch has already grossed 6 figures in 2018.

Experts Community

I'm hosting a Facebook Group and Community of Experts: Coaches, Course Creators, and Consultants who would like to impact and reach more of their ideal clients and students.

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Here are some of the previous work I've done

From creating highly converting landing pages, sales funnels and ads, me and my team have worked with some of the most engaging campaigns for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Course Creators and Consultants

I'm here to help and guide you all the way

When you're building an online business it WILL NOT ALWAYS be a smooth ride. In fact, it's best that you expect it to be that way. This way, you won't be surprised on the challenges and road blocks. I'm here to help you plan, launch, analyze and optimize.

I believe in YOUR talents, core gifts and EXPERTISE. It's your GIFT to the world. But most EXPERTS are either UNDERVALUED or UNDERAPPRECIATED. And after years of finding my passion and purpose, I've discovered that this is what keeps me FIRED up. My Passion is to HELP EXPERTS SUCCEED through data-driven Digital Marketing Strategies. I can help with getting more traffic and increasing your website conversions through SEO, PPC, FB, ads, etc. 

That's what I do. I make sure that your GIFT and “LIGHT” radiates around you, IMPACTING the lives of people that you work with directly or indirectly.

I do that with the L.A.M.P. method. A systematic approach of attracting the right people who are completely strangers to fell in love with you and your brand through performance driven digital marketing techniques and strategies. Learn more.

Ryan Cruz


Certified Marketer

Conversion Marketing Certified
Marketing Automation Certified
Email Marketing Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Certified


Sales Funnels

I help build and design highly converting sales funnels for your business

Course Launch

I help course creators launch their program and sell their courses online

Facebook Advertising

I ran Facebook ads that converts to help businesses grow and scale online

Are You The Pre-Dominant Choice & Expert In Your Niche or Industry?

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Phone: + 1 905 351 8007
Email: ryan (at) ryanjeffreycruz.com
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